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Welcome to Inktopia

Inklings come from a magical land called Inktopia, where everything looks like a children’s drawing and the trippy colors make you rub your eyes in wonder. The world of Inktopia is shaped like a paint splatter and composed of several Inklands; Skytown, Jungleland, Mountainland, Waterville and Grasslandia. As we follow the Inklings to each land, we zoom out to show the entire paint splatter and rotate to the next land zooming in.

 The entire world is like being inside the imagination of a child, where things can be wacky and weird and not everything needs to make sense.

The inklings bounce back and forth between the real world and Inktopia in bright colorful sparks. All throughout the land are tiny Inklings that float in bubbles, called Inks. Inks are Inklings before they are imagined by their own child. When an Ink is finally imagined their bubble bursts and they zap with a spark into the real world ready and excited to meet their new best friend.

Inklings & Babies

Ollie is Evie’s imaginary friend. Ollie is a born leader, kind, always does what’s right, is fun, takes care of everyone, loves to play pretend, and to tell stories. Evie is sweet, funny and sometimes rebellious. 

Wobby is Billy’s imaginary friend. Wobby is shy, kind, loves helping people, enjoys art, and playing musical instruments. Wobby is also generous, quiet, and sweet. Billy is smart, kind and loves to be with his friends. 

Gus is Sofia’s imaginary friend. Gus loves being outside, loves to eat, is gentle, kind, loves to joke around and is a bit of a goofball. Sofia is a bit shy, loving and has a great sense of humor. 

Digby is Kai’s imaginary friend. Digby is smart, loves to learn, enjoys taking adventures, is sweet, funny and loves to play. Kai is funny, outgoing and adventurous. 

Marley is Daivey’s imaginary friend. Marley is kind, fun loving, daring, a thrill seeker, likes to entertain, and loves extreme sports. Daivey is strong, kind, loves art and playing sports. 

Jaffy is Frankie’s imaginary friend. Jaffy is sweet, a problem solver, has a giant heart and loves to sing and dance. Frankie is bold, smart, kind and is always up for a challenge.

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