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About Inklings

Inklings Baby is a majority women, part LGBTQ owned brand that creates colorful baby toys and infant novels based on imaginary friends.  Inklings are NOT your average bear. 

In 2018, with a successful Kickstarter to fund the production of our first character Ollie the Oddball Oddbird, Inklings Baby officially launched. Inklings now includes 6 characters, plush and infant novel sets, activity toys and apparel.  Inklings Baby toys are activity & sensory focused, and gender neutral. 

Best Friends & Baby Toys

Best friends since high School, Aim & Lex started Inklings in 2018 after Evie, Aim's daughter was born. Evie received boring grey bunnies and basic brown teddy bears as gifts. Where were the cool, weird, colorful toys that we played with as kids in the 80s? From there, the idea for Inklings was born.  Our dream is to create a brand that supports our beliefs and helps to create the world we want our children to live in. Inspired by the wacky, cool toys and tv shows we watched as kids in the 80s, we wanted to bring back the idea that it is ok to be different, to be creative and to use your imagination to the fullest.   

Can a Stuffed Animal Change the World? 

We think so...

By bringing color and the imagination back, Inklings show that it is OK to be different. OK to be yourself. Even if you don't look the same as everyone else.  

Each of our infant novels features a baby of a different race, gender and family dynamic that goes on an amazing imaginary adventure with their very own Inkling. We believe the celebration of diversity starts in the nursery. And all children should see themselves in stories.

 By writing colorful baby books about a baby with 2 dads at the beach, or having our character Wobby realize that they had to show their true colors to be fully themselves, we know we are helping to shape the next generation from the very beginning.

So yes, Inklings are going to change the world. One baby at a time. 


Here are two of our favorite organizations that support the LGBTQ community & bring love to this world. 

Real Mama Bears LGBTQ parents support and love

We met the amazing team behind the Real Mama Bears which educates, empowers and supports the LGTBQ community.  In 2022, Inklings joined their Legacy Collective Giving Circle as well as proudly showcases their logo on all packaging.

Drag Story Hour NYC LGBTQ organization and education

Drag Story Hour NYC Collab launched Pride 2023 with specially designed onesies, tshirts and totes featuring the one and only Harmonica Sunbeam and Inklings character Rainbow Wobby. 100% of the profits of each sale will be donated to Drag Story Hour NYC.