Women Supporting Women 💪

One of the most impactful things that has changed Inklings Baby is the support of women.

From my first mentorship program with Brit & Co Self Made, to this past year being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow, and now this upcoming opportunity with Bank of America Seneca Women for the Bryant Park Winter Village, I am truly grateful to be a woman, and have so many supportive, awesome women who want to see us succeed. 

Bank of America Programs for Women

Programs supporting women entrepreneurs provide access to training, mentorship, capital, markets, and philanthropic support, helping to empower women in communities around the globe.

Bank of America winter market Bryant Park

Through the connections of all of these programs. Inklings has a 2 week spot in the Bank of America Bryant Park Winter Village from Dec 4th-Dec 17th at Booth E21. 

Bank of America Bryant Park winter village Seneca woman marketplace


Inklings Baby is also part of the Bank of America Marketplace by Seneca Women showcasing our brand and boosting our sales. (and of course thats a cute pic of my nephew Cassius 😍)

Bank of America inklings baby

Tory Burch foundation

I am honored to be a 2022 Fellow and now Alumni. The program consists of mentoring, webinars, funding assistance through grants and Kiva Loans as well as in person networking opportunities. 

What I say about the Tory Burch Fellowship is that it isn't about attending a Marketing Zoom, it is about the connections that you make. And through those connections I have been able to improve my business, grow sales and be a part of amazing opportunities like the Bank of America Seneca Woman 2022 Holiday Pop Up, the CNBC Tory Burch Pop Up and Tour this past month and so much more. 

But I will always say is the most valuable take away is my Baby and Toy Mastermind Group that I became so close with. We meet every week, text constantly and truly support each other's businesses. 

I just spoke to Dahlia from Buckle Me Baby Coats last night about her sales deck while I was putting the kids in the bath...  Having women who are entrepreneurs and also moms in your corner means more than you will know. 

Here is the Tory Burch Foundation Holiday Gift Guide including all the amazing women owned businesses and great gift ideas! 


Tory Burch foundation gift guide jaffy the giraffe toy

So moral of the story; Women Rock🤘!!! 

This holiday season, head over to the Bank of America Seneca Woman and Tory Burch Foundation Gift Guide to support woman owned businesses and buy some amazing gifts. 

I already made my holiday wish list... 😉

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