When you love a character so much, you need the MERCHANDISING!

Inklings Baby launched Inkdrops onesies, t-shirts, mugs and more!
Space Balls Merchandising scene
(if you know this scene, well then you definitely get Inklings Baby). 
Thanks to Steve Kelly for being our 1st Inkdrops Artist to collaborate and use his insane talent to interpret our crazy characters.
Steve Kelly Artist Inklings Baby Inkdrops
Here are our characters Wobby, Ollie and Gus custom created by Steve himself.
Inklings Baby Inkdrops Artist Steve Kelly baby onesies and toddler tees
We loved the vibe, especially the eyes, and thought, we need our own Spaceballs the Movie merch! Check out some mugs, toddler tees and onesies for the ultimate Inklings Super Fans!
inklings baby fan t-shirts toddler baby onesies mugs
Inklings Baby Gabe Gus enamel camp mug
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