When you find your people as a brand

Last week we had the amazing experience of a small business that had a celebrated Tiktok creator post an authentic, awesome review of our baby toys. 

Being in the baby/toy world, we focus mainly on our target market of Mommy influencers, parenting blogs, etc. 

But sometimes I just like people and connect to them and send them free product because I think they are cool and would get our brand. Last December, I sent a box of toys to @pearlmania500. My siblings and I always share his videos and I went to Drexel in Philly so I miss that Philly rage sometimes. 

Out of the blue, with no fee or hoops to jump through, we were tagged in a hilarious and relatable new sleep deprived parent product review. 

And now I am introducing Inklings as "plush monsters from New Jersey" from here on out. 

Watch and laugh and enjoy!

Alex Pearlmania500 and ollie the oddball odd bird toy


The best review of Inklings Baby in the history of ⏳

To say that TikTok creator @pearlmania500 made our 2024 already would be an understatement. We laughed, we celebrated and we filled orders from his very loyal and awesome fans. 

Ollie may be the GOAT but Alex is our hero.  

Follow along Alex's loud, relatable commentary and support a good guy that supports small businesses like ours. 

Here's to an awesome 2024!


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