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 Welcome to the eagerly anticipated third installment of Champagne Living's Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide. In this edition, we hope to bring you on a delightful journey into the enchanting world of clothes and toys for mom and dad to have on hand in anticipation of baby. As we dive in, we understand that we just happen to love the most adorable and comfortable outfits, and surrounding them with captivating toys is an important way to nurture their early development. From snuggly onesies that wrap the baby in love to ingenious toys that stimulate their senses and curiosity, we’ve curated a selection that balances both practicality and wonder.

Join us in exploring these perfect gifts that celebrate the innocence and exuberance of infancy, making your contribution to their world truly unforgettable.

Jaffy the Giraffe baby rattle

This loveable rattle presents an ideal blend of plush comfort and engaging rattling sounds. As you shake it, the colorful beads produce delightful noises. Its ergonomic design ensures easy gripping, featuring a captivating mix of multi-colored giraffe print, bold black graphics, and the distinctive “inklings eyes.” A versatile companion for both travel and home settings.

The Jaffy Jingle Jangle guarantees some moments of engagement for your baby, allowing you to steal a few calming breaths.

  • Available at Inklings Baby
  • Use code: BABYSHOWER20 for 20% off at checkout

Ollie Rocket Ship Musical Pull Toy

Embark on an interstellar journey with our Ollie Rocket Ship Musical Pull Toy – a captivating companion for your baby. Pull the textured teether to trigger a delightful musical rhyme that’s bound to make any baby dance along. Whether on the move or at home, this vividly colored toy offers excitement. Houston, we’ve got a winner!

Inklings, a brand led by a majority of women and LGBTQ individuals, crafts vibrant and unconventional toys and infant novels cherished by both children and mothers for their meaningful values.

  • Available at Inklings Baby
  • Use code: BABYSHOWER20 for 20% off at checkout

Rainbow Wobby Soft Plush Toy and Book Gift Set

Embark on a vibrant journey of self-discovery with Wobby & Billy, as they unveil the significance of embracing one’s true self. This tale beautifully portrays the role of unconditional love and support in friendship and the lives of those close to us. Through rhythmic prose and vivid pop art illustrations, Billy assists Wobby in uncovering their inner rainbow, proudly displaying it to the world.

Meet this exceptional stuffed toy with its unique features – a cuddly body for snugness, a soft burlap belly, strikingly patterned ears, and floppy arms. An immediate companion for all adventures, destined to become an instant best friend.

  • Available at Inklings Baby
  • Use code: BABYSHOWER20 for 20% off at checkout
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