It's ok to be different

Ahh the 80's… what a cool, weird time to be alive. Or in our case, to be born.
Lex & I started inklings because we wanted to bring some of the magic of our 80's childhoods to our kid’s lives.  
Where worlds were colorful and strange and the characters were out there and different. Maybe we were a bit nostalgic ourselves. Dreaming of simpler times with Fraggle Rock and Rainbow Brite.
We believed that those weird TV shows, games and toys helped us develop our imaginations, and the view that it is cool to be different.
 No one ever made anything awesome being the same old.
All we knew was, the world didn’t need more grey bunnies or brown teddies.
80s shows and movies, fraggle rock, labyrinth
Fast forward to 2023, and LIFE GOT REAL
Being different isn't cool. It's banned. 
- no more Drag Story Time
- Empty Library Shelves. 
- Sad, Beige Toys. 
drag story hour

Raising kids got scary. (This week reminded us of that.)

We realized our message was there all along and its way too important to hide behind quirky, colorful baby toys.

It’s ok to be different.  More than ok. We should celebrate it. 🎉

Cuz it’s cool… and in order to raise good humans, we have to start from the beginning.

So put down that teddy bear, and pick up an Inkling.

Your kids will thank you later….😉

cute baby rainbow wobby inklings plush stuffy

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