Inkdrops X Steve Kelly Artist Collaboration

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Limited Edition Baby products designed by talented artists & dropped for your babies. 

inklings baby inkdrops characters baby gift colorful

Inklings 1st Inkdrops collab is with the talented artist Steve Kelly. 

Steve's body of work ranges from bold, abstract collages to large scale figurative paintings. Both distinct styles evoke similar emotions. 

While using bright colors and images from popular culture, Kelly's work is a comment on the absurdity of every day life and modern trends. 

Kelly is the cofounder and house artist of Art & Prozak, a traveling collective of artists who produce and curate art exhibitions in NJ and NY. 

Steve Kelly Artist Ink drops modern art collaboration baby gifts

Steve Kelly artist inklings baby inkdrops colorful

We are so excited to work with Steve and to showcase his interpretation of our characters. His use of bright colors and alternative perspective is a perfect match for Inklings. 

Inklings is all about imagination, creativity and being different. Let's make it a priority to support and appreciate the artists in our lives. 

inklings baby inkdrops Steve Kelly onesies characters colorful baby gift

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