4 Free Ways to Celebrate Pride

How are you celebrating Pride?

Here at Inklings Baby, Pride is one of our fav times of year.

But we believe Pride is an all year round kinda thing. 

So this Pride season, here are some FREE things you can do to show the Pride community you have their back.

#1. Join your local pride group.

Mine just started last year and look at this awesome lawn sign I just got.

rainbow pride sign Randolph nj  

#2. Go to a Pride Event.

Whether its Drag story time or a Pride festival in your area.

pride rainbow balloons 

#3. Share and support Pride organizations and LGBTQ businesses.

We love the real mama bears, who support and educate parents of the lgbtq community.

We also love Drag Story Hour NYC and the one and only Harmonica Sunbeam.

 real mama bearsdrag story hour nyc

Lastly, reach out.

Treat Pride Season like Thanksgiving.

Say Happy Pride. We are so grateful to have you in our lives.

And we hope you have a wonderful season.



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