A unique and fun infant novel, perfect for the baby in your life with a superior intellect.  No, not really, we just think calling them "infant novels' is really funny.  


Sofia is lonely at the beach with her two dads when she's too shy to play with all of the boys until her imagination kicks in and brings Gus to life. With a rhythmic style and pop art illustrations, the story of Billy & Wobby shows that as long you have your imagination, you’re never really alone.


The design of the book starts out in black and white. But as Sofia uses her imagination, Gus springs to life in Full Color. 

Sofia & Gus the Toothy Tusked Rus Infant Novel

SKU: 00008
  • Your baby's 1st ever Infant Novel

    12 full color pages

    Total Measurement:14 1/4 cm Square

    (perfect size for those tiny hands)