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We Launched on Maisonette

What is Maisonette?

Your favorite children’s luxury brands and independent boutiques—all in one magical place. Because finding tiny, tasteful clothing, accessories, and home décor shouldn’t be a game of hide-and-seek (leave that to your little human). Maisonette adds style to your child’s life and simplicity to yours. Now that’s truly aww-inspiring.

The New York-based company was founded by two moms, Luisana Mendoza de Roccia and Sylvana Ward Durrett, in 2017 with the goal of helping modern families navigate their parental journey.

“Luisana and I were both working moms and found it difficult to shop online,” Ward Durrett, CEO, told Crunchbase News. “At the same time, we have every category in life aggregated on the internet for adult life, but it did not exist for children. We wanted to curate the best of the best and become a trust brand for a one-stop destination.”

We are so honored to be included in such an awesome shopping experience!

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