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Summer of Make Believe

Let's talk about Make Believe & Pretend Play.

We have all seen our kids use their imaginations. We all did it as kids.

But did you know there are actual benefits of Imagination?

Here are some quick facts about Imagination:

"As children’s time is taken up more and more with scheduled activities, it is important to consider what they are losing when they miss out on pretend play. In many ways, a few hours creating pretend ponies and galloping around the yard with fellow cowboys and cowgirls is as developmentally essential as any other pursuit. So next time you see your children engaged in pretend play, don’t rush them to homework, cleaning their room, or piano practice. Allow time for them to build a rocket ship from chairs and blankets and pretend they’re astronauts; it’s time well spent. You might consider crafting a space helmet from foil and a bowl and joining in!"

- Bright Horizons

This is why IMAGINATION is so important to us at Inklings Baby.

We know it helps to create KIND, FUN & BRAVE humans.

And we definitely need more of those!

Thankfully, Inklings are based on imaginary friends, who are always ready to play!

How does your child play make believe? And do you ever get in on the fun?

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