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Meet Inklings Mom Nicole

Meet Nicole!

Nicole is a NJ teacher that specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis. Super patient & considerate, and Mom to Baby Kibria, who happens to be the most professional baby model

What is one thing about becoming a Mom that surprised you?

One thing that surprised methe most is how you have to learn to juggle so many roles at one time. Not only do you have to care for this precious baby you brought into the world, but be a wife, a friend, etc.. The phrase “there aren’t enough hours in a day” really has a whole new meaning when becoming a mom.

It's Back to School Season, how is it going?

Being it’s my first “back to school” season as a mom, it is bittersweet. This summer was a summer of “firsts” spent with my baby. With going back to school, it is upsetting to leave him, but also a start to a new beginning. He attends daycare so it is a time for him to go out and learn new things from his teachers and peers. I’m hoping this new school year will bring a new sense of normalcy and a safe haven for our students to learn and socialize again in person.

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