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Meet Inklings Mom Keri

Meet Keri!

Keri has been a teacher at Shongum Elementary school for 10 years where she’s taught both general and special education for grades K-5. Next year she will be co-teaching in a 2nd grade inclusion classroom.

Keri attended Seton Hall University where she played college soccer and met her husband Kyle, also a soccer player.

Keri is the mother of two adorable children, Teagan, 3 and Caden, 1. She is a wonderful mother, wife and teacher. Anyone who knows Keri would tell you she’s is smart, kind, has a great sense of humor and is a joy to be around.

What is your favorite part about starting a new school year?

The beginning of the school year is always exciting because it is a fresh start. It is our opportunity as educators to set a positive classroom environment.

My favorite part about starting a new school year is meeting my students and getting to know them as learners and people. Making that initial connection with each student helps establish the trust necessary to have a successful year together.

I am excited to see my students on the first day and wish everyone a wonderful school year!

Inklings celebrates Imagination. How do you nurture imagination and creativity with your baby?

Children are innately creative, and we love reading books (such as Inklings) that will let their imagination soar. Reading and talking about books is one of our favorite things to do. Reading about diverse characters and settings helps expand their understanding of the world around them and begins to teach empathy. On our walks we always retell the books we are reading and movies we have watched. My kids love anything hands-on, so allowing free play with play-doh, chalk, blocks and coloring is always a fun way to explore their creativity. My daughter Teagan loves to play dress-up and especially enjoys dressing her little brother as Elsa!

What are some fun traditions you have as a family?

As a family we love being outdoors. We love the beach, going on walks, going to the park, playing in our backyard and getting ice cream. We also love spending time with our family and friends..

What are your family traditions? Share with us on Instagram @inklingsbaby

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