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Meet Inklings Mom Annie

Meet Annie!

Annie is a nurse practitioner who specializes in cardiology and vascular diseases. She moved here from Trinidad & is a Rutgers Grad. Mom to Morgan, one of our favorite Inklings Models & #1 Gus Fan! Annie answered some questions so we could get to know her and hear about how her motherhood journey is going.

Inklings celebrates Imagination. How do you nurture imagination and creativity with your child?

Imagination is a part of our everyday play. We especially use it when telling stories. U can guess how wild those stories get! And I keep going with it and elaborating on her stories which gets her more excited. She is 3 and has amazing imaginative skills!

What are some fun traditions you have as a family?

So unfortunately I do not have many family traditions. The exciting part of all this is to start new traditions. We have started “friendsgiving” with her godparents which we look forward to every year. As she gets older I want to teach her (and myself) to be more creative in the kitchen with baking holiday desserts! Since Halloween is her favorite holiday, I would like to start having small Halloween parties with all her friends at the house! I think I will start that next year.

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