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Meet Inklings Mom Alima

Meet Alima!

New Mom to Leo, NJ native, Educator.

We asked Alima some questions to get to know her and hear about how her motherhood journey is going.

What is one thing about becoming a Mom that surprised you?

I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Before I knew I wanted to teach English, be a counselor, be a wife even— I knew I wanted to be a mom. One thing about becoming a mom that surprised me is how in the first couple weeks, you are in survival mode. No book, pep talk or compilation of articles can fully prepare you for the physical and mental journey. However, you figure it out.

Inklings celebrates Imagination. How do you nurture imagination and creativity with your baby?

An active imagination is so important. Currently, giving the Inklings' voices is something that’s been happening. Otherwise, allowing our son to experience things and be silly at ten months has been huge. We also listen to a variety of music. I’m open to any suggestions!

Fun Fact:

Alima married Aim's next door neighbor growing up. And their son Leo is our favorite Inklings Model! You have definitely seen him on our instagram & email blasts. He has the best hair!

What are some fun traditions you have as a family? Before our son, we would go out to eat every weekend at our favorite breakfast/brunch spot Cyndia's. We were newly pregnant and then COVID happened. Once the weather got warmer and we could eat outside, we started going back again. Every weekend we can. He loves to people watch and wave. Hopefully, over the next year, we are able to establish some new traditions for our little family of three.

What are your family traditions? Share with us on Instagram @inklingsbaby

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