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Love is what makes a family

Our Inklings’ Mom of the Month is Jen Shea.

We grew up together in Wayne, NJ where Jen spent most of her free time being an exceptional athlete. She went on to play college basketball at Drew University, where she met her wife Lila, also a collegiate athlete at FDU.

Both Jen and Lila graduated with Education degrees, and have been married for five years. Jen is a 3rd grade teacher and Lila teaches High School Math Special Education.

They have an absolutely adorable son named Connor, who will be turning 2 in August. After the COVID lockdown, Jen is anxious to get back to the movie theater with both Lila and Connor. She loves to dine out as well as cook at home for her family. She spends time with friends as much as possible and enjoys the Kickball league where she and Lila are both members. In the summer it’s time well spent at the Jersey Shore. Soaking up the sun, the beaches and lots of ice cream at the Boardwalk.


We asked Jen a few questions for you all to get to know her better.

1. What does "LOVE WINS"mean to your family? “A big saying and a sign actually that hangs in our house that says “love is what makes a family” and that’s what it means to us. We chose to live our life the way we love and that’s how we will raise Connor. To always choose to love first.”

2. Inklings celebrates being DIFFERENT. How do you talk to your kids about being different? What does being different mean to your family? “Even now we talk about being different, and accepting everybody. Being around kids of all backgrounds and diversity, and that’s a beautiful thing. No judgement of others and to always accept everyone. Love and acceptance about everyone’s differences is our big focus and really important to us as a family.” 3. What are some FUN traditions you have as a family? “Weekend breakfast is a big deal. Oh yea, those are a big thing!! Pancakes, waffles, breakfast sitting down as a family. Nightly walks with our dog, very often, Madison, who is a Black Lab mix. That’s a big thing. Especially during covid, we did a lot of long family walks which was nice.”


Jen is always giving back; coaching, teaching and going out of her way to support others. She demonstrates how KINDESS and GENEROSITY are at the core of who she is.

And that LOVE is all you need to make a family.

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