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We’re Aimee, Alexis and Chris and we’re the creators of Inklings.  A little about us, Aimee and Chris are married, Alexis has been best friends with Aimee for over 20 years and Aimee and Chris’ beloved third wheel for over ten.  We each bring something unique to the table and that, coupled with our friendship is what makes our creative partnership work. 


Chris has been working in the toy industry for over a decade and the idea for Inklings came from some sketches he had drawn of funky and unusual animals. At the time, Chris and Aimee had just had their baby girl Evie, and we talked about how we couldn’t find her a rad stuffed animal.


Being the cool aunt, Alexis searched up and down to get Evie the most unique and awesome gifts. It was easy to find clothing and accessories, but toys all looked exactly the same. The stuffed animals we grew up with looked like our parents stuffed animals who looked like our grandparents stuffed animals and so on. It’s just boring. Being children of the 80s we like our toys with a strange and wild side so we decided to bring something new and creative to life.

Chris’ designs reminded us of what a baby’s imaginary friend might look like and so we came up with the idea to pair the toys with books to explain how the baby imagined their very own Inkling.  


Inklings come from the idea that a tiny spark in a child's imagination can create something wonderful and unique. The stories that accompany each Inkling show how a single spark can create a caring imaginary best friend.

Because children aren't held back by what things are "supposed" to be, they are free to imagine and create without limitations and free to love without prejudice. Inklings are genderless and the children who imagine them are diverse. We believe in a world where creativity, kindness and acceptance are virtues that should be admired. We want to help bring that idea to this new generation.  Our goal is to create many unique Inklings and write additional stories for each to teach those key values.  We at Inklings think that girl toys and boy toys are old news and that's why we designed inklings with every child in mind. 

 It just takes an inkling of kindness and acceptance to change the world, so let's give it a try. In that spirit, we are teaming up with one of our favorite charities to donate a percentage of our 1st production run to Toys for Tots.


Our Kickstarter was fully funded!

Our Kickstarter campaign launched on Thursday February 15th 2018 and ended on March 17th 2018.  


Thanks to the help of our awesome backers we are able to bring Ollie to life! 

Thank you for your support!!!

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